domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2016

greetings to all with CIDP

My name is su, for the name of the blog you already unserstand that, i live with the consequences of the passage of CIDP in my life for almost nine years. Uauuu so long. 
It was not easy, you know. I've always been a radical optimist, even a little naive, so I thought it would be nothing. It was only a short break, a break of a big game or an episode more of what was my life. But the range was extended too much and the game did not come to the second part. And then came the despair and the support, the reality and the dream, faith and anything else we do not know we have. It is chronic. Grabs. In  the way we can lost something or someone. Part of the process. Each body has its time, some recover quickly, others slowly, very very slowly, and others resist recovery. The marks they leave on us differ. One of mine is this blog , where i have a little of everything that  I like to see, read, listen..some stuff that you do not know because you are not me
I really liked that no one had to go to google search for the word CIDP , but if you are here...put yourself back together.

*sorry my english

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